Visa Fees

Visa Type Standard Fees (72 Hours) Emergency Fees (Same day)
Single Entry ETB 1,000 ETB 1,500
Multiple Entry (3-6 months) ETB 2,000 ETB 3,000
Multiple Entry (1 year or more) ETB 3,000 ETB 4,000
Transit (Single Entry) ETB 1,000 ETB 1,500
Transit (Multiple Entry) ETB 1,500 ETB 2,000

Payment Method

Currently, all payments are made in cash during submission of completed applications at the Embassy.

Refund Policy

Passport and Visa application fees are Non Refundable, irrespective of the success of your application.

Visa Exemptions

Citizens of the following 19 countries and territories can visit Ghana for 90 Days maximum: Benin, Burkina Faso, La Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Sierra Leone, Liberia , Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Mauritius, Guinea, Cape Verde, Guine Bissau, Kenya, Singapore, Swaziland and Rwanda.

Holders of Diplomatic, Service or Official Passports of : Iran, Cuba, Germany, Brazil and South Africa.

Citizens of the following Six (6) Countries may obtain a Thirty (30) days maximum visa upon arrival in Ghana: Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Lesotho. Starting July 2016, Ghana will offer Visas on Arrival to all AU member states for stays not exceeding Thirty (30) days.

International Organisations Who Have Concluded Visa Exemption Arrangements with Ghana: All Regional Economic Communities in Africa, African Union, United Nations and its Specialised Agencies, World Bank and the African Development Bank. All persons in direct airside transit are exempted from visa requirements.

Gratis Visa

The following are entitled to Gratis Visas to Ghana:
- All Diplomatic / Service Passport Holders
- Citizens of Malawi

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